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I'm back!




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lol, just kidding. A more accurate statement would be that right now is my first free time to spend however I want since the move. At least now I'm settled in my new place, school has started and I'm not behind yet. (There are people who are behind only two weeks in, so I'm considering myself lucky on that part.) All in all, life's pretty good. A bit tired (read: exhausted), but good. 


So school... It's good. So far we only have one subject, but we're starting two new next week. Our lecturer is great though, really funny actually. I don't know about the new ones we're getting for the other classes, but the older students says they're good too. Here's to hoping! Other than that, our class is mostly guys. Like, 90% of them. I knew that when I applied, and they are all really nice. I'll just have to get used to being the shortest one all the time. Okay, that's not completely true, there's one girl that is shorter than me. But still. with thirty guys at least a head taller than yourself you feel pretty short no matter what. 


These first two weeks there's been a bunch of activities. More or less something has been going on at all times. Parties, games, competitions, and much more. That combined with at least six hours of math studies every day... Okay, I like math, so I'm not really complaining. But there's been close to no free time to relax (read: read).


Things will probably settle down a little now, but I'm not sure how much. So when I say I'm back, I mean I have time to read your posts, but I don't know how much reading and reviewing I'll be doing myself for the next month. I need to find the right balance between school and reading and everything else. But as I said, I'll at least have time to go online. So even if I don't get around to reading myself, I'll read through your reviews and posts. Yay!


That's what's going on with me now. Hope everyone has had a great summer and I wish you all happy reading! :)