Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Scoring Wilder - R.S. Grey

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Disclaimer: I hated this book. It kind of appalled me. So yeah, I'm not going to be gentle. Prepare for rant.

Liam wasn't something you chose to do or not do; he was like a virus, invading your system and taking root without your permission. He did it to every female in the United States, and sadly, I was no different.

I don't know if I should take this as (A) a warning, (B) a rape metaphor, or (C) ignorance showing off that people still consider heterosexuality the default setting. Oh, look at that, I can take it as all three!

Yeah, I'm not going to spare any expenses here. Scoring Wilderis awful. There's really no other way to put it. So I'll just get the general story out of my system before the rant.

Meet Kinsley. She's perfect. No, seriously, she is perfect. She comes from a good family. She is a star soccer player. She has great friends. She's beautiful. So beautiful that she's voted sexist soccer player in the world (or some bullshit like that). The day before she's going to her first practice at college, she meets Liam Wilder. How, also, accidentally, is fucking perfect. Okay, there's some story about him being a "man-whore", but that's never shown any proof of. So Liam is, like, the sexist soccer player too. (Voted and all that.) They exchange some words at party where Kinlsey is drunk. Next day, guess who's the next extra coach for the women soccer team? Yup, Liam Wilder. And he's strictly off limits. Fraternize with him and you're off the team. But, of course, these two are interested in each other and don't try too hard to stay away from each other. Which lead to them sneaking around from media and the head coach.

Meet the real Kinsley.

I didn't care what her story was. She symbolized Becca's sadness and for that, I hated her. She was pretty, of course she was, but she was the type of pretty that guys like, but that women can see right through. Fake, orange tan, false eyelashes, and a plastic surgery nose. She had long dark blonde hair that was piled up on her head and a skintight dress.

Yup, another slutshamer. This is one incident, but trust me, it's a regular thing for Kinsley to view other women and judge them by their looks this way. Which is hilarious, because:

Tara was a prime reason to not judge a book by a cover. She looked beautiful and docile. Her sweet features masked such insanity beneath them that I couldn't quite figure out how she'd become the bitch that she was.

Kinsley is a hypocrite. She's judging every other woman while harboring the thought of not judging a book by it's cover. So yeah, I'll just say this. Screw you, Kinsley.

Okay, apart from Kinsley's horrible personality, the notion that she's a dedicated soccer player is ridiculous. Imagine this: you're biggest (and only) dream in life is to make it to the Olympics with the national soccer team. You've dedicated most of your life to this dream. Now it's right in front of you. Literally right in front of you. However, there's this new coach. And he's hot. Like,really hot. Like, front magazine cover. So let's lose all focus on soccer and focus on him.

Wait, that's not how it goes, right? Not when your life's dream is in your grasp. But he's hot. Okay. Then head coach warns you, and all other women on the team, that fraternizing is off the table. She'll kick you off the team if you do it. So what do you do? Well, obviously you decide to seduce his new hot coach during soccer practice. Right? Right? Right!


I don't buy it for a single second that Kinsley had the mental capacity to mandate for the national team. She can't keep focused on a single thing, much less soccer. I'm surprised she even managed to get in the college team.She's that immature. To prove my point:

"I just can't believe how fast everything is happening. Liam asked me to be his girlfriend last night."
"What?! When?"
"Well, sort of in the middle of the night, but then he confirmed it again this morning on the beach."
"What did you say?"
"Yes! Of course. Do you think I’m insane?"

Not even fifteen year olds speak like this. Thirteen year olds maybe, but nineteen? Nope. Just, no. But this passage leads us to...

Liam Wilder
This will be really short. Liam has zero personality. I don't know a single thing about him. Literally. Okay, here's what I know: on two separate occasions he shames his own girlfriend. And guilt her into doing things for him. That's all I know of him. So yeah, a personality would've been nice. (And no, punching a guy's nose for no reason whatsoever does not qualify as a personality.)

Mean girls wannabe
Yeah, we have those. The "slutty mean girl who sole purpose is to make Kinsley look even more perfect". We have her. Her name's Tara. She's a bitch, I agree with that. She's also nothing but a stereotype of a villain. She's on the soccer team, is even the coach. But she's hazing the newbies for no reason whatsoever apart from being a jealous bitch (yes, she really is a bitch, I'm not arguing with that). But she's also described as a whore, attention seeker, trashy, and slutty. And really, while Kinsley was busy judging Tara for doing mainly the same things Kinsley was doing herself, I was rooting for Tara even if she was pure evil.

The Plot
Okay, I'm not sure what it was. If it was a remake of mean girls, I get where it was going, but it isn't. For a story that is about soccer (on a high level) there's surprisingly little soccer involved. They practice (in passing) and there's only a single game which is just one page. It wasn't handled realistically. There's no soccer culture portrayed (apart from the women screaming Liam's name). The women on the soccer team never showed off the determination you need to make it the sport. They are pretty much all immature, unfocused, and did I mention immature? I mean, they were all portrayed like fifteen year olds playing college.

It turned into a ramble anyway, this review. Sorry. But I'm pissed off. Seriously pissed off. By Kinsley's judging character. By Liam shaming his girlfriend and she finding it sort of romantic. By the rest of the women being portrayed by their looks and sexuality. By the disregard of how difficult it is to make it in different sports without putting real fucking effort into it. To get to the national teams you need to be focused, any athlete will tell you that. Yet, Kinsley was able to be immature and seduce the one person she couldn't, a practice that could crush her lifelong dream in a heartbeat. So yeah, that's just insulting to people who are dedicated to their sport of choice. I don't know what this book tried to do, but if failed regardless of intent.

Also, by the way, speech tags. Don't ever use "smirk", "nodded", or "winked" as a speech tag. That's just embarrassing.