Family Outings

I haven't been on BL that much these past days as I've had a few days off from work. Initially I thought that meant more time for reading, but my family had different plans. With both me and my sister working this summer we don't have that much time to spend with everyone together, so when all of us actually had a few days off at the same time, we took the chance to spend time together. So what did we do? 


Well, for starters, I went to the movies with my sister and cousin. But instead of one movie, we watched two in a row. The Minions movie and Magic Mike XXL. Let's just say we received some strange looks when we went from one movie straight to the next from the people who worked that night. 


However, a few days ago the entire family went to Nordens Ark. It's a zoo close to the west coast in Sweden. It's not a typical zoo, though. It's actually a private non-profit foundation that works to ensure endangered animals have a future. Long story short, they breed and raise different species so that in the end let they can release them into nature again. That way, they hope to help these endangered species to survive in the wild. But while the animals are in the park, visitors are allowed in to see them. So that's where I spend a day, walking around watching the animals.


I meant to put up pictures earlier but my computer disagreed on that matter. Now that's all well so I'll share some of the pictures. (I think the pictures can be opened in a new tab and they'll be larger in size.)










And last but not least, this cutie: