No tears for queers by Johan Hilton

No tears for queers: Ett reportage om män, bögar och hatbrott - Johan Hilton

Quick review

No tears for queers is, despite what my rating indicates, a rather good read. It examines three major cases where gay people are victims of crime. A major point in all cases is that a minority or a majority of the people interviewed reject the claim these crimes were hate crimes. But, as the author argues - and I agree with - they were indeed hate crimes. When examining the crimes, Hilton at times uses a fictional narrative. (He is clear that these parts are fiction, but they do portray a realistic turn of events.) Personally, they were a give and take for me. They didn't add much in facts, but they were a nice break from the long interviews and/or facts. It did lower the professional tone, however.

But yes, Hilton's facts are good. He has done a thorough research in each crime. On the other hand, there is close to no analysis of the facts, what it means for the people in the LGBT+ community, and other interesting aspects. That, and the fact the three cases that are brought forward in this book were all committed in the Western world. Otherwise, a good book that could've done with more reflections and analysis.