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Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian - E.L. James

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Christian is weirdly obsessed with the expression that's not a "no". Very disturbing, given the contexts it is used in. They are almost purely sexual or intentionally sexual. Because that's not a "no" is also, quite clearly, not a "yes" either. Disturbing, indeed. 



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"Would you like another drink? It's making you brave, and I need to know how you feel about pain."


While they are discussing her limits - which is a major deal - he is deliberately getting her inebriated. Regardless if she easier speaks the truth tipsy, he should know better than to force/manipulate her this way. There's a big chance she might not only be more honest, but ready to tangent her truth as she's so keen to keeping him. Alcohol might very well make her less cautious and only think about ways to keep him, even if it means putting her own concerns at bay. 



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I trace my fingers around her ass and insert one into her vagina.

I don't know about you guys, but the term "vagina" is not sexy. It's clinical. Much the same way with penis and vulva.  (James' favorite terms it seems when in sexual situations.)


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She's regarding me with a tender smile. Her face is no longer blotchy and puff; she looks radiant. My cock agrees, and stiffens in greeting.

Seriously, his cock is hilarious. It stiffens and twitches all the time. James is taking men think with their dicks way too serious.


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It's between control freak and stalker. I chuckle to myself. I'm just running. It's a free country.


Christian several times jokes away his stalker tendencies. That, or excuses them. Unhealthy, yes. Romantic, no. 


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What the hell happened to Mr. Love 'Em and Leave 'Em? Kavanagh must be good in the sack.


Kavanagh has an internship at the Seattle Times, no doubt set up for her by her father.


First of all, sexist. Second, sexist and misogynistic. Katherine (Kavanagh) was valedictorian of her class and clearly a bright young woman, yet Christian (who knows this) assumes her father did it for her, not that she managed to do anything on her own. Remember that this is Ana's best friend for whom Christian has no respect. 


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"But at what personal cost? I'm tied up in knots here."
"I like you tied up in knots."
"That's not what I meant!" She dashes her hand through the water, soaking me.
"Did you just splash me?"

Whenever Ana brings up her concerns, Christian jokes them away. An effective way to disregard her feelings, manipulating her to bend to his will without actually forcing her. Unhealthy, still yes. Also terrible and questionable portrayal of BDSM.


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I pour her a little more Sancerre. I don't want either of us to drink too much if we're going to play.

I'm not personally in the BDSM lifestyle, but pretty much everyone I know (personally and not) that are, has said the same thing: don't play if you've had anything to drink. Kind of like driving.