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Yeah, that's me right now. I suck at introductions. I'm awkward when meeting new people, that's just the way it is. But everyone else is doing it and I have some new followers as well so... this one's for you. 


I'm Amanda, a 19 year old Swede. Introvert by day, awesome by night. About three weeks ago, I graduated from "gymnasiet" (our equivalent to high school). This fall I'll be going to uni, although it's not decided which one yet, but either way that means moving to a bigger city (and bigger bookstores, yay!). I'll be studying to become an engineer in physics (I haven't decided what specific field within that, though). 


I've always been interested in sports. First and foremost skiing and handball. I can't even remember when I learned to ski, I was so young. Four or five years, probably. I still do it about once a year with my family, and then we go down in Europe to Austria, Switzerland, or Italy. (I'd love to live in either of those countries for their mountains alone.) Handball I for about ten years, but then schoolwork became too heavy and I had some health issues then, so I stopped. It's my favorite sport to watch these days, though. Other than that, I've played soccer and I used to swim. Tennis and volleyball are favorites too. 


An odd fact: For a long time I believed you got the hiccups because you had too much air in your body. (It baffles me how people could say I was smart as a kid.)


Alright then. Books. I love them, obviously. Duh. I review most of the books I read. However, I don't often review non-fiction books (not sure why, I just don't feel adequate to do it in specific fields). I try to post reviews two-three times a week. When I review, I guess I can come off as harsh. I'm a nice person, promise. I have a tendency to rant and ramble. Like, a lot, especially in reviews. Which brings me to the next thing. This year, I'm doing a New Adult Project, so it means a lot of reading from that genre. Basically, what I'm doing is examining the tropes that occur in this genre and how often. For the full story, here's a link that further explains it. So I apologize for clogging your feed with rants/reviews on the genre, because right now I'm not the biggest fan of the genre either. I'll be doing it the entire year, but I'll probably start reading other genres this fall. My favorite genres are YA, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, non-fiction... okay, I read a little bit of everything. As long as it's good. 



That's a little rambling about me. As said before, I'm shy and awkward when meeting new people, as obvious by my rambling above. Now that the hard part is over, I just want to say I'm so glad to have found all of you, new cool people to follow. Happy reading! <3