Why I should never be let inside a bookstore...

... after visiting the library. (Or proof that I have no self-control).


I have made myself a rule when it comes to books. Or more precisely, when it comes to lending and buying books: Always visit the bookstore before the library.


If I do this, I can check out new books and interesting ones in the store, then go to the library and look for them. However, that means I often go about the entire library looking for them. The best part about the library is that I don't need to pretend to have no control around books. So, after going to the bookstore there's about 3-4 books I'm hoping to get from the library. But as I run around the library I find around 10-15 books I'd like to borrow. Instead of those 3-4 books I planned on borrowing, I end up with 8 books. Because, as said, no control. And I don't need to be in control or pretend to have it. Free books = grabby hands.


That's my typical routine. Bookstore first, then library. Always.


Or, well, I try. Sometimes... I break the rule. Which brings us back to two days ago.


You see, I had library books that I needed to return that day. But, I also have a sister who's birthday is coming up. And since my sister and I are alike, she's also nuts about books. Which meant, I had to buy her a book. So a visit to the library and bookstore was needed. Then again, I didn't want to go inside the bookstore with the library books (no reason for that really, but it's a habit). I figured I'd go to the library, return the books then go straight to the bookstore and buy a book for my sister then back home, no extra books in my bag. 


It's scary how easy I can fool myself.


I went to the library. Returned the books. Figured, it doesn't hurt to look if they've got any new books in. An hour or so later, I exited the library with six books. (I know, that one's on me. It gets worse, though.) What happens when I get to the bookstore? Well, I already lost control at the library, so of course I began stocking up on books, telling myself that I'd buy them anyway since they probably aren't available at the library. In the end, I had another six books. Because, obviously, no control in sight.


I said it gets worse, though. It does. And I can't blame it on anything except that I'm crazy and have absolutely no control when it comes to book. Because as go toward the counter, I spot:


*drum roll*



(show spoiler)


Yeah. If that's not proof I have no self-control, I don't know what is. Worst part is, I don't have the heart to return it (read: certain relatives forbade me as they want it when I'm finished with it). I probably need help. And will probably need it after reading this one. On the plus side, I found a really good book for my sister. Okay, that doesn't quite make up for the fact that I bought this one. I can pretend, though, can't I?


So, the point of this story. I should stick to my rules. Always the bookstore before the library (or tell the people at the bookstore to not let me in).