Foreplay by Sophie Jordan

Foreplay - Sophie Jordan

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Look at that! A cute, fluffy, and decent New Adult story. I am not here to claim this is groundbreaking or will rock the socks off you, no. All I claim is that, in the grand scheme of things,Foreplay is a generally good read. Sure, it contains the usual tropes that this genre is famous for, but one that it doesn't include is slutshaming. That alone I consider a minor miracle. But let's come back to that in a minute.

Foreplay follows Pepper who is in desperate need of some sexual education (see, sexy times are promised by the premise of this one, and we like sexy times, yes we do). After finding out the guy Pepper has wanted for several years is single again, she figures it's time to take matters into her own hands. That means becoming secure around guys and learn a little about foreplay so she won't seem completely clueless when she makes her move on Hunter. Reece, the hot bartender, agrees (after some time) to help her out. As their relationship progresses, Pepper questions her feelings and what she wants.

What struck me the most with Foreplay was that it didn't try to be more than it was. It's a quick and light read. Nothing that changes your look at the world. And that's fine. Everyone needs a read like this once in a while (or often). Unlike so many other New Adult books, it doesn't force heavy subjects into the mix simply to add angst or other drama between the characters. The characters had their flaws, and that's cool. Perfection will bore one to tears. Neither Pepper nor Reece were perfect who tried to make the best of the hands that were dealt them.

The best thing, as mentioned before, was the lack of sexual shaming. While this one ticked off several of the usual tropes, it did not tick off that particular one. There's nothing wrong with some of the tropes, but that one is a big no-no. That one lowers the entire tone and experience of the book. So the fact that it was none of that in Foreplay was such a refreshing detail.

Still, Foreplay is that. A fluffy, quick, decent read. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, though, that is exactly what one needs. For me, this was a wonderful break in the sea of New Adult books, and just what I needed.