For the Love of Raindrops by Beth Michele

For the Love of Raindrops - Lea Burn, Beth Michele

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I know I tend to accuse New Adult as a genre to be boring. It might be an unfair accusation, but since reading it subjective, that's my take on New Adult so far. This genre is full of so many tropes, recycled plots, and I tend to feel that I'm reading the same story over and over again. And trust me when I say repetition can bore the hell out of me. (Yes, I'm also aware of the irony since many of my NA-reviews tend to be repetitive, but that's because all the NA books are.) But the boredom that (several) NA books induce in me is due to the sheer predictability of the books. That, however, is not the reason For the Love of Raindrops is placed on my boring-shelf.

Going back to check my comments/updates I wrote while reading For the Love of Raindrops, I find this one at 42%: 42% in and all we have so far is Dylan pining/obsessing over Evie any chance he gets. I swear, if he'd go to the toilet, he'd be making it about Evie somehow. I stand by writing that. Quite literately the first 42% is all about Dylan pining for Evie. And it's not subtle either. There are endless paragraphs and chapters where all we get to read about is how badly Dylan wants his best friend. I love a good friends to lovers romance, but what I don't like is to be told for almost half of the story just how badly he/she wants the other. That's what you get from this book.

My other updates commented on how little showing there is, and very much telling. When the plot picks up by an unexpected event and our main characters are in some dire situation, I just wished for it to be over. Despite the event causing consequences that affect the characters greatly, I never connected to either of them. Sure, a few of the moments from their childhood did make me smile, but it was never enough for me to form any kind of attachment to either of them.

Really, more or less all of this could be solved by another round of editing. Cut out Dylan's thoughts a bit when it comes to Evie, make him less obsessed and more interested would've made it better. Cut down parts of the beginning to get the story moving. Focus more on their relationship apart from Dylan's overwhelming attraction to Evie and I probably would have really liked this book.