Back on Track

Hello everyone!


So I did it! I actually graduated! YAY! It still feels a bit strange since it's been a couple of really hectic days lately and now it's all over. Graduation Day was on Wednesday, but in Sweden we pretty much celebrate for an entire week. The last week there are barely any classes since most teachers give us the days off to prepare for Graduation Day and then we have a ball (sort of like prom, but not quite). 


But I wanted to share a little about how we celebrate in Sweden, because most people who isn't familiar with our traditions either find them fascinating or irritating. Basically, this is what happens (at least where I go to school): On Graduation Day, we do photographs with our classmates. Then we have a fancy lunch with all graduating students. During lunch, there's music, entertainment, and some students are awarded with scholarships. (Proud to say that my class received about 25% of all the scholarships, and our school is one of the largest, so there were a lot of graduating students. Also proud that I did well enough to get one myself.) After lunch, there's an assembly where people hold speeches, some performances, and such. Then, we have this thing called "utspring". Basically, this means that each class (about twenty to thirty people) run out through the school's head entrance onto a stage to music. Below the stage all relatives and friends are waiting to celebrate us. 


Then, however, comes the big things. Because we have these things called "studentflak".I really don't have a good translation for that, so I recommend you google it (I promise, it's worth it). But what it is, is sort of like huge truck beds which are decorated so that each class has its own. On these, we ride around for a short while to loud music. When we've done that, each student goes home for a private celebration with friends and family. But then, in the evening, we go back to the "studentflak". What we do is that we ride in these and visit every one who lives withing the city during the night. This is what most foreigners find either fascinating or irritating, because each "flak" has big sound equipment, which means everyone within a one mile radius hears the music. My class had sixteen stops to do during the night, so we began our drive at ten in the evening and wasn't finished until ten in the morning the next day. It's been several days and I still haven't recovered, and I didn't drink a drop of alcohol (so I'm feeling sorry for those that did shots at five in the morning, just sayin').


So that's the typical Swedish graduation day, I'd say. Most schools have a ball, but it's either a few days before graduation day or a few days after. In my case, we had our on Friday, hence after the graduation day. Even though I was still wrung out, it was fun to see everyone dress up in evening gowns and nice suits. (A bit different after seeing everyone in their everyday clothes for the past three years.)


But, as said, now it's all over. I'm hoping to see my (now former) classmates during the summer. I have a job during the summer, but my schedule isn't too tight. Other than that, I'm going to enjoy my summer break before continuing with university in the fall. And now I finally have time to get some reading done again and read all the wonderful reviews you guys write!


That's all for now, here from Sweden. Hope you've all had a great start at the summer with lots of good reading!