Cloak and Dagger by Nenia Campbell

Cloak and Dagger - Nenia Campbell

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This is what New Adult looks like when it isn't sappy love stories about traumatized characters. Instead, it delivers a fast-paced suspense story. All right, it's really the author delivering one, but still. The point still stands: This genre could be much more than it currently is with its recycled plots if authors decided to not write them and dare venture in different directions. And that's exactly what Campbell does with Cloak and Dagger.

Fair warning, I'm still trying to wrap my head around Cloak and Dagger. I said it's a fast-paced suspense novel that leaves the reader holding their breath. Cloak and Dagger is the first installment in the IMA series and it tells the story of Christina and Michael. He's an assassin, she's an innocent caught in the middle when the organization Michael works for has their sights on Christina's father. Michael kidnaps Christina, and hence their journey begins. Because there might be more going on than what Christina and Michael realize.

That's as much as I will say about the plot without spoiling anything. The characters are strong (although Christina is a bit naive at times), the writing excellent, and there's some romance. Well, romance-ish. Michael... oh, Michael. Are you a love interest? Are you a damaged soul? Are you a downright asshole? I'm still not entirely sure, and I don't think I'm supposed to be. He's definitely not someone you bring home to meet the family. You're more likely to call the cops on him. Still, he's such a complex character and I'm still somewhere between hating him and understanding him. So not liking him, but understanding him.

What made this miss the 5-star mark for me was really due to some details, or lack thereof. Mostly those regarding the organization Michael works for. The organization and it's business is a central part of the story, and I would've liked a deeper understanding of it. What is the organizations goal? Who do they work for? Who founded it, and why? Basically, I wanted more background on it. Then again, this is, as said, the first installment of a series so that sort of thing might be in a later book. I definitely plan on finding out, both that and how the story continues for Christina and Michael.

* Since Michael is never "the hero" I decided to remove those tropes from the total sum. The second number is the total sum if those items were to be included.