Catching Cassidy by Melissa Foster

Catching Cassidy (Harborside Nights, Book One) New Adult Romance - Melissa Foster

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Well, what a fresh breath of air! I find the New Adult genre to be very stale. Same old story over and over again. Catching Cassidy is, admittedly, not much different. We have our usual characters: a heroine who's not very confident, who's a bit neglected by her parents, who's not the most sexually experienced. Then we have the hero, an aggressive, confident, sexually experienced male. (Do notice the differences between the main characters, just sayin'.) Here, their names are Cassidy and Wyatt. This tale isn't the most original: best friends, but there's more lurking beneath the surface. When Cassidy finds her boyfriend (whom Wyatt is not a fan of) is caught cheating, and Wyatt's parents die in an accident, their lives are turned upside down. For the summer they go away to a small town where Wyatt's family spends the summers (and Cassidy is there with them). Now Wyatt must take responsibility for the bar his parents owned, take care of his sister, and figure out his feelings toward Cassidy.

That's the general story, and it's as much as you get. It's, despite some tough subjects, a breezy read that isn't too depressing. It touches upon some themes that most other NA stories doesn't, and does it better than those that do. As far as my reading NA goes, I'd give this plot two stars, due to the lack of originally (remember that I quickly get bored by similar stories, and some won't find this to be an issue). However, this book is a lot wider when it comes to diversity in regards to the characters. It's LGBTQ friendly, and it's not your usual stereotype that is often found in NA. That's a huge plus in my book.

Second, this book does handle tough subjects (homophobia, death, cheating, grief) with sensibility. That's another huge plus. I'm all for giving credit when credit is due, and this is the time for it. So yes, I'd add another star for that alone.

Then again, back to the plot. As said, it's nothing groundbreaking new this. This back and forth from the characters. Protect our friendship vs. take a risk on something more. And while I don't mind it, this one dragged it out a little too long for my taste. There's a long section in the middle that did add some depth to their relationship, but it could've been shortened down a bit too. Together with the somewhat predictable plot, it got bored for that part.

On the whole though, a good read. Better than your typical NA. It's brought down by predictable characters and plot, but the positive view on LGBTQ, it's take on tough subjects and overall good writing makes this one a really good NA story.