Reading progress update: I've read 2%.

Therapy - Kathryn Perez

I haven't read long enough to call any judgement on this book, but it's already caused me to wonder about a few things and I have to ask you guys about two of them.


So this book starts out with Jessica who is bullied by the "posse of mean girls" in her high school. Out of those girl we have Elizabeth who is the meanest of them all. Elizabeth also happens to be the most popular girl in school. Add in the typical popular jock, in this case, Jace. Jace and Elizabeth are a couple. Both are gorgeous and popular, but whereas Elizabeth is the meanest person you'll ever meet, Jace is the only one in the entire school that sticks up for Jessica. (He calls out his girlfriend when she's doing the bullying.)


Now, I've read this plot a thousand of times (and seen it in movies), where the bullied girl falls for the popular jock even though he's together with the mean girl. What's nagging me is that it's always the girl who is mean. I can't recall a single book (or movie) where the handsome boy was a bully. 


First (the simple): Have you guys ever read this type of plot where the guy was a bully in a book? Or that the biggest bully isn't the "popular, gorgeous girl" who happens to be together with the popular guy?


And second (a bit tougher): Am I the only one bothered by this constant portrayal of "the popular girl"? That she is, more often than not, a total bitch?