Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

Beautiful Broken Rules - Kimberly Lauren

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Items ticked off: 21

“I had to hear from some other guy that my girlfriend was safe. That HE would take care of you!”

Yes, how does this guy have the fucking nerve to make sure his friend is okay? Seriously, why should anyone have the right to be a fucking decent human being and look out for their friends if they have a boyfriend who isn't there to protect them? How the fuck dares this woman make her own decision?

You see where I'm going with this, aren't you?

Beautiful Broken Rules is the story of Emerson (Em) and Jaxon. Em is known to be the school's "slut" and she's taking it in stride. Why should she care what other people think of her? Anyway, Em and Jaxon meet when he moves in next door. They bond pretty quick, but Em has rules. She doesn't sleep with anyone a friend has feelings for, someone who is in a known relationship, and she never sleeps with anyone more than three times. Then Jaxon comes in and perhaps Em is ready to change her rules.

Yay for sexually secure heroines. Well, at least Em was that partially through the story. She lost me a little bit when Jaxon made her feel as if she was new to sex their first time. Her character got a lot less interesting from that point on. Is it that controversial to have a heroine who isn't virgin(al), who has sex and is confident in it, who knows what she wants (relationship or not), and who doesn't change all her rules when she meets a hot guy without a personality?Is it that much to ask for? Because that's Em. I liked her when she was comfortable in her sexuality, I liked when she stood up for herself. Then she got attached to Jaxon and her world was now all about him and his reactions to her choices.

You know, for a woman who claims to be shamed constantly, she is quite the judgmental person herself. More or less every woman she meets or sees is a "sorority bimbo". I don't know if they were, but Em told me so all the time. The phrase sorority bimbo(s) was used at least 5 times. Had she said it once, okay, but now it was all the women that looked at her best friend/Jaxon/Jace. And this especially bothered me about her person:

I never understood waking up extra early to get dressed up for class, but I’m also not husband-hunting like some of these girls.

Apart from Em's statements about other women, all women in this novel apart from family and friends were portrayed as bimbos and/or drooling after Jaxon (or the other guys).

Em's character isn't the worst thing in this. It might be a tie between the downright awful writing and the "hero", Jaxon. The writing... This book needed at least two more rounds of editing. It's basic knowledge that "he laughed" is not a speech tag, and shouldn't be used as one. You should never, ever, ever, use "he frowned" as a speech tag. This is elementary school grammar. Even I, who isn't a native english speaker learned this in elementary school. Two quick examples:

His abs went on for days and all I wanted to do was smooth my hands against his wide hard chest.

“Why are you all dressed up today?” he frowned and asked brusquely.

Abs went on for days? I imagine a stomach stretched out like spagetti. Not a pretty sight. And as said, use correct speech tags.

Now, to Jaxon. He's pretty much another Travis Maddox. (And no, that is as far from a compliment as it gets). The first mistake he did in my book was to use "beautiful" as a noun and a nickname. The second came when he made his girlfriend afraid of hanging out with her friends as she usually do.

"I didn’t want to make this new change obvious, but I also knew how pissed Jaxon would be if he walked in here and saw Micah’s arm around me.

Yup, she's afraid what he might do. For having a guy's arm around her shoulders. Naturally, when Micah makes a (perhaps) rude remark, Jaxon pounds the shit out of Micah's face. Does the heroine for one moment wonder what this might imply? No.

I think he felt like he couldn’t yet control the urge to punch other guys who got too close to me.

This is the biggest fucking red flag you can get. Guy can't control his urges? How long will it take before he can't control them around you? Does Em think about this once? No. Because Jaxon offers (questionable) excuses and apologizes, gets playful, they have sex, and all is forgotten. I can't get over how manipulative Jaxon was.

Then we have his issues. Creepy issues.

“Emerson, I miss you when you go to the bathroom and now I’m supposed to go weeks without you?”

That's right, guilt her into doing things your way.

Then, of course, we had that initial quote from the top of this review. Nobody but Jaxon is supposed to take care of his girlfriend. I can't get over how wrong that is on so many levels. What if she was dying in a ditch, shouldn't the people coming by help her, because Jaxon is the only one supposed to help her? So yes, wrong, wrong, fucking wrong.

Last, but definitely not least, we have this.

"Since that day you walked out of the Frat house with barely any clothes on, I‘ve been calling you mine. Before I’d gotten to know you, I knew I had to make you mine."

This is the moment you run and call the cops.

I've seen enough abusive relationships in NA, and I won't stop calling them out on it until they're gone. They're not helping anyone. And they are prefect for pissing me off.