Take a Chance by Abbi Glines

Take a Chance - Abbi Glines

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This is me, officially giving up on Abby Glines' work. After reading 7 of her books and liking none of the, I think it's safe to say we'll all be happier if I don't read more of them. They all do the things I don't enjoy in a story, and Take a Chance is no exception.

We'll start off with this: I liked none of the characters except one. Coincidentally or not, I liked the character every other character disliked, but I'll get to that in a moment. Taking a Chance follows Harlow and Grant, both characters from The Rosemary Beach series. Both have issues in their past – Harlow her mother, Grant a friend's death. Harlow also struggles with her half-sister, Nan, a girl that Grant happens to be sleeping with. Due to this, Harlow doesn't like Grant in the beginning, but eventually comes around (this is not a spoiler because it's either before the book starts or in the very beginning). Besides, there's not much of a plot in this, and other reviewers have pointed this out as well. So, with no bigger plot to speak of, let's go straight to the characters.

I didn't have any bigger problems with this woman to begin with. The real problem is that she sounds exactly the same as Gliens' other heroines. I've found this to be one of the reasons I don't enjoy Glines' work: her characters are all the same. Virgin(al) heroine with issues. Harlow is no exception. She's she and a virgin before she meets Grant and all of a sudden she's sexually demanding and talks back to people. Not to mention slutshames people right after someone did the same to her. You'd think a girl that knows how it hurts to be slutshamed wouldn't do that two seconds later. Apart from her character, there's a secret being revealed in the last 10% about her character that I wasn't fond of. It should've been introduced better (or earlier) and with more depth. By the way it was done, it felt more like something to further the plot and give a cliffhanger rather than add depth to the plot.

Oh, Grant, I wouldn't wish any good for you. Ever. He's such a sexist jerk, a hypocrite, asshole... you name it. He thinks it's good to take advice on women from a dude that puts them in three categories: sucks you dry, sluts/looking for a good time, and those making life worth it. Not to mention this dude slutshames his own daughter. Then of course, Grant slutshames the women he sleeps with.

She wouldn’t be able to handle someone else dropping her. Even if her slutty ass deserved it.

Not to mention that he's sexist.

The females I knew did not deal with their emotions like this. They were loud. They yelled, screamed, and threw shit.

Or that he's rapey.

They were promising a lot with those bodies and the way they were dressed

Now to the thing I mentioned in the beginning. All characters in this story hated Nan, the woman Grant was previously sleeping with. She's slutshamed constantly, disliked constantly, compared to constantly. Because she's worse than the rest. Given, I haven't read all the books about these characters, so it might just be she's done something terrible, but judged on what she did in this story... well, she has issues and trashes out on pretty much everyone. (Then again, I'd probably do that too if my father slutshamed me, the guy I was sleeping with slutshamed me, and everyone pretty much said they hated me.) This is what truly bothered me though. I am fine with Nan being a horrible person, but when people start judging her by her sexuality, they've gone too far. We actually have people bonding over their mutual dislike for her sexuality. That's just not okay, in any form. All characters in this story also know about Nan's background with her dad and family, yet not a single one considers reaching out a hand to help her get help for her issues.

The nail in the coffin for this one was this: Nan is abused and has a concussion. That means someone has to wake her up each hour during the night. Grant has taken on this responsibility, but when he's supposed to get up and do it, Harlow demands she does it. Because she needs to show Nan whose bed Grant is sleeping in. You read that right, instead of considering Nan's health, it is more important to assert dominance over her. Way to fucking go. As if I needed more reasons to dislike these people.

So this is me officially giving up on these books. I think we'll all be happier this way.