The Beautiful Thing by Amanda Heath

This Beautiful Thing - Amanda Heath

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This Beautiful Thing or College-kids-as-mature-as-thirteen-year-olds-and-what-they-think-love-is.

I'm not sure I've ever read a story with such insta-love. Or immature characters. How about this:

“I’m not in love, Marcus, but if I ever find her and get to know her I don’t think it would take much for me to fall.”

This is their relation prior to this statement: Her shirt got wet at a party in his house. He offered a dry one. Random flirting. They made out. She passed out from alcohol. She snuck out in the morning. End of story. But yes, I'm sure that from that short interaction he can tell if he'll fall in love with her. (Hint: he's already in love with her.)

“What makes him so special?”
“He calls me baby and he has told me I’m beautiful, like, a hundred times.”

For young readers out there, this is not love or interest or sexy. This is how you end up dead in an alley.

I won’t end up pregnant. Fate can’t be that evil.

No, fate isn't what decides if you get pregnant or not. It's decided by you when you decide to not put on that condom. It's biology, not fate.

Three strikes, and you're out!