Your Exception by Bria Starr

Your Exception - Bria Starr

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What shall I say about Your Exception? This is one of those books that simply don't manage to execute the story it presents. The plot is scattered all over the place and makes little to no sense and rarely seem to move forward. Our heroine, Wren, has dumped her cheating boyfriend and is moving in with her best friend. Wren meets Logan, a member of a band, which she soon start a relationship with. They break up and for the rest of the story we're stuck watching Wren have four guys pining for her, but she still only have eyes for Logan. I never saw the point of the story. Wren's personal growth? The relationship with Logan? Her stalkerish ex? None of them appeared to be the main focus of the story, and in the end it read like a bunch of random events. All characters are flat throughout the story with no personal growth, the scenes are predictable, and the writing nothing special. Add the sexism and slut shaming and it ended up messy. With better editing and a stronger plot it might have worked, but as they lacked those things, it simply did not measure up.