Wethering the Storm by Samantha Towle

Wethering the Storm - Samantha Towle

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Many things can be said about Wethering the Storm. For one thing this series with its character seem to be enjoyed by many, and I don't quite understand why. Granted I had my issues with the first in this series so the fact that the second didn't appeal to me wasn't a big surprise. However, despite my issues with the first installment, I'll give it that it was addictive. It kept throwing drama at the reader without hesitation, and at least it appeared to go forward. With the second installment the series missed that studious flow of drama. Sure, it's there, but it's far from interesting. Never was there a moment when I actually thought any of those causes of drama was enough to change the fact that Tru and Jake would work through it or make them evolve as characters. The plot in this one is threadbare at best, and the drama unexciting.

That's what this book missed. Say what you will of the characters, they might be frustrating, some will say, others will enjoy them, but in the end this book doesn't have anything to work with when it comes to the plot. They don't move forward, and I believe, considering all, that this is a sequel that isn't needed, at all.