Breathe by Abbi Glines

Breathe - Abbi Glines

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Imagine a cheesy summer romance with extra fluff on top. What do you get? This book. And there's nothing wrong with cheesy summer romance with extra fluff. I've devoured several of them in my days. They're all more or less the same. Hot guy + cute girl = true love. Erm, for the summer, that is. And most of them tries to extend the romance beyond the summer. This one adds teenage millionaire singer on to the "hot guy" part of the equation.

So why the one star?

1. Because Sadie is the most special snowflakes of all special snowflakes.
She is not as shallow as other girls. She's beautiful, and is told so about 30 times. Each time she acts surprise, and I call bullshit on that. This doesn't come off as humility, she sounds like she's fishing for compliments. All the time. She doesn't wear "skimpy" bikinis like all the other girls (and they other girls' bikinis "barely covers up the "important" stuff). And I really had it with her when this line came up when she and Marcus discusses that she deserves more.
You’re beautiful, and smart, and kind, and funny, and you don’t care if your hair is messed up or if you break a nail.

If not caring about if your hair is messy or you break a nail is considered special, I demand to be a special snowflake to. Just sayin'.

2. Jax is a moron.
'You’re my...air.'
'Your air?'
'Well, girlfriend seems to be too shallow a word for what I feel for you. These past two weeks it’s been as if you control my breathing. When I watched you with Marcus, my chest would tighten, and it became hard to breathe. But then I would see you smile or laugh, and I could take a deep breath again.'

Focus on the two weeks part. Need I say more?

3. Sadie is a moron.
The lips of the only boy I would ever love touched mine


Yes. She's never had a relationship before, barely even real friends, yet a few weeks into sort of dating this rockstar dude, she knows she'll never love someone else. [Insert facepalm here]

How do you suppose someone gets aggravated at someone who could have fallen out of heaven?

Answer a question for me. Is this someone you would say has a way with words? No? Didn't think so. Sadie does.

Did this work for me? No. I'm sure it will for some people, especially younger teens. Hell, I'd probably would've enjoyed it a few years ago. Not today though. Because the story isn't that bad, as said in the beginning, it's another fluff fest, exactly the type I like to read in the summer. Maybe it's the cold spring or something, but I'm too cynical right now to like it.