The Deal by Elle Kennedy

The Deal - Elle Kennedy

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Little voice inside my head: Amanda, it's been, like, a week. You need to rate this. Not to mention review it.

Me: Fine, fine. There. Happy?

Lv: TWO STARS?! You gave this book two stars?

Me: And a half...

Lv: But you said you liked it!

Me: Maybe, but I...

Lv: BUT YOU LIKED IT! I mean, it was funny, right?

Me: Certain parts, yes. Garrett and Hannah was sort of cute when they bantered all the time. But it comes to a point where I need more than witty banter to like a book, or characters for that matter.

Lv: All right, I might understand that. However, Garrett was a good character, right? Funny, sweet, and not a complete douche.

Me: You're right. He was all those things. On the other hand, he's also very stereotypical. You know, the typical hockey player who's ultra macho. Super confident in himself and all that. He's just so... I don't know. His character wasn't that complex when you think about it. He's like every other hockey player I've read, no attempt to break out from the stereotypes.

Lv: ... You're just mad he referred to women as females.

Me: Okay, you get me there. But that doesn't change that he's a walking stereotype. The only thing that makes him different from the other NA heroes is that he isn't that violent. Or so overprotective it's creepy. Otherwise, he's just another confident guy with daddy issues and a bad temper. Come on, give me something new here.

Lv: Hannah then. She's also a good character. That you must agree with me on.

Me: That I can! But again, she's not much different either. I mean, tortured artist with a "past". She's beautiful, shy, an amazing singer and songwriter, and wonderful.

Lv: Amanda, are you jealous?

Me: *sigh* No, it's just that I've read this before too. I'll give you this: I was glad to meet a heroine who'd dealt with her past. She didn't use her past as an excuse to be whiny or anything. Yes, she's a decent character, but nothing new. Nothing spectacular.

Lv: You're unbelievable. What does it take for you to like a character?

Me: Originality?

Lv: Argh, fine. You're impossible to argue with.

Me. Thanks.

Lv: Not a compliment. But let's move on. We can agree that you liked the characters to an extent?

Me: Certainly.


Me: Again, and a half.

Lv: Details. Now, did you not like it? It's better than all the other crap you read this year.

Me: Yes, it is.

Lv: So there's something wrong with the plot?

Me: Not really. I mean, yeah, there were a few things that bothered me. Like when Hannah asks Garrett to sleep with her so he'll "fix her". That's borderline love heals everything. And then they went to "I love you" stage in, say, a couple of weeks. Two or three if I remember correctly. Everything happens in the span of a month, really. I'm not too happy with Garrett in the end believing Hannah "saved" him from his obsessions with being the best in hockey and all. Other than that, the plot was... good?

Lv: It was fucking fabulous, and you know it.

Me: Not fabulous, but I see what you're getting at. There's no instalove, I guess. That's always a huge bonus these days. And as I said, their banter was funny. Although, the whole "evil father" theme wasn't exactly new. Really, that would've brought down the rating either way. But yes, the overall plot was okay. I guess the main problem is that it's nothing new, nothing I haven't read before.

Lv: Do you know how hard it is to be completely original these days, Amanda?

Me: I can imagine that, yes.

Lv: I mean, this review isn't even original. There's tons of other reviews that do the dialogue thing.

Me: Yeah, but I don't get paid for reviewing.

Lv: You have a point.

Me: So, to sum up, I liked it somewhat. It's definitely better than all the other crap in New Adult. But, you know, I had many problems with it as well. And I Garrett never won me over with his macho attitude.

Lv: You liked it. Then give it three stars.

Me: I just told you, I liked it somewhat. That's not equal to enjoying it.

Lv: Give it three stars.

Me: Two and a half.

Lv: Give. It. Three. Stars.

Me: If I buy you ice cream, will this discussion end?

*Lv runs to the store*