New Adult Project Update #1

To this point, I've read a total of 25 New Adult books. Here, brought to you by my awesome chart making skills, are the most common tropes:



Other tropes that are, as of now, above the 50% mark:
Lack of positive girl relationships (52%) – The Heroine
Tattoos (56%) – The Hero
Aggressive (56%) – The Hero

Still, I'm not very harsh when checking off the criteria. If it can be arguable if that character is, for example, a overly confident male lead, I haven't checked it off the list. So, I've only ticked off those that can't be argued or excused. (If I hadn't, I imagine the overconfident (32%) as well as the penchant for violence (48%) would be much higher.

So far, I'm most disturbed by the percentage of Aggressive (Hero), Shattered Family life (Pasts), Jealousy (both Heroine and Hero), Penchant for Violence (Hero), Love Heals Everything (Plot), and the underrepresentation of minority groups.


I believe Aggressive, Jealousy, and Penchant for Violence are fairly self-explanatory. The Shattered Family life is also high up there, and while I find it necessary to talk about issues that falls under this category (alcoholism, terrible parents, mental illness, etc.), few of these books handle them well. Also, these types of condition rarely adds much to the story except a reason for the heroine or hero to be "damaged". And since damaged seems to be an excuse to be (at least in the male case) a douche, that shows how little that adds to the story as it creates more issues than it literally brings to the table. Then, given the high percentage of books including Love Heals Everything, most people is able to come to the conclusion that, no, these issues aren't handled correctly. And last, but certainly not least, the representation of white main characters and the underrepresentation of minority groups. This is very disturbing numbers, at least to me. But I think that is self-explanatory as well, and I might go deeper on that subject another time.


And now, time for the books in the lead for most tropes ticked off:
28 Tropes: Fallen Too Far – Abby Glines.
24 Tropes: From Ashes – Molly McAdams
23 Tropes: Twisted Perfection – Abby Glines
& Battlescars – Sophie Monroe