Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters

Bad Rep - A. Meredith Walters
And if he wasn't talking about two girls I absolutely detested, I would be extremely insulted by his continuous use of terms like 'bitch' and 'cunt.'

Did you know it's not okay to call women bitch and/or cunt? Except if you don't like them. Because then anything goes, apparently.

Actually, I think that summarizes my opinion on this book. Slut-shaming is something I wish would be erased from the world, and no matter if a story is the next Pride and Prejudice, I can't enjoy it or like it if it enforces this type of behavior. But I'll continue on this topic in a minute.

Bad Rep is, I will admit, doing a decent job portraying a woman coming to terms with how much people's gossiping about her should affect her. Maysie, our heroine, is immature throughout the novel and doesn't show any greater development on this part. She's self-centered, whiny, and simply a unlikable character. But yes, apart from her negative personality traits, she does come to terms with refusing to let people's talk get to her. The story starts out with Maysie needing a second job, and when she and her friend get jobs at a bar, Maysie meet Jordan.

'Oh, he's only the hottest, most unattainable piece of ass on campus. He's a senior and lives over at one of the Pi-Sig houses. He also plays in the band Generation Rejects. He's the most amazing drummer ever.'

And Jordan is perfect. He's a drummer, he sings, he writes lyrics, he's a good student, he's just fucking perfect. After working together for a few days – maybe only one, I don't quite remember – he asks her out. But then Maysie finds out Jordan has a girlfriend. Maysie does the right thing, tells him he can't be asking other women out when he has a girlfriend, and vows to stay away from him.

But, drama is needed. And so, Jordan and Maysie share a connection.

What's worse is I had felt something for Jordan in the 24 hours I had known him that I had never experienced before. It was more than lust, more than attraction. It was this crazy connection that would be near impossible to ignore.

Allow me to sigh and roll my eyes.

When they finally succumb to their lust connection, they are caught. (Jordan still has a girlfriend.) And the drama begins when Maysie is branded the college's "slut".

There you have the story. As said, I will give this some book credit for tackling this issue. I can't support it though. First, because of the mechanics of the story. The biggest being Jordan. From the first time he's in the story, he states he and Olivia have issues and are drifting apart, that he no longer feels like he used to for her. Yet, he keeps lusting and flirting with Maysie for at least a month without doing anything about said girlfriend. When Maysie and Jordan are caught, he is relieved, because it means he and Olivia is over. Given this, we can assume Jordan doesn't really feel bad for breaking up with Olivia, or wants to continue the relationship. And from this we gather that Jordan is either a, a coward, or b, a douche. In my book, he's both. So that's the first big thing that is a major issue with this book. It's forced. Because there is no logical reason why Jordan couldn't have broken up with his girlfriend since "it's been Maysie from the moment she walked into his life". Sorry, not sorry for not swooning and drooling all over this dude.

Secondly, Jordan's character brought little to the story. Why? His personality. Well, technically he lacks one. Or he has multiple. The issue is that he is whatever the story calls for. A dude is flirting with Maysie? Make Jordan a jealous alpha male and have him punch the dude. Maysie hesitating on their relationship? Make Jordan a poet who springs the most beautiful words to her and convince her to stay. Other women need to be drawn to Jordan like moths to a flame? Make Jordan a bad boy with tattoos and a musical talent like the next Michael Jackson. Really, his character had no consistency.

And now, to what I opened this review with. The slut-shaming. While this book provides a decent portrayal of coming to terms with your reputation, it is riddled with sexism and a degrading view on women. Maysie constantly judges other women by how much of their breasts they are show or the size of said women's breasts. She's prone to calling other women names like skanks, hoes, and similar terms. Even when she's bullied with these words, she continues doing the same to others. This bothered me on so many levels, and due to it, I felt zero sympathy for this heroine even when what she went through was horrible. What's worse, this is a woman who embraces her own sexuality to the fullest, yet is capable of judging others by theirs. And when other women flirts with Jordan, she is embarrassed for them, yet she does the same thing. Again, sorry not sorry for not caring for this heroine.

Also, because I find this is necessary to point out, Jordan is, despite him being the real cheater, considered a good guy. A catch, actually. Even by people who know the whole story. I think that says enough on its own about this story.

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