First of March – Where did February go?

And so a new month comes around. I haven't been very active on BL (or with reading) this past month, but I hope to remedy that in March. February was a busy month for several reasons. To start off, I went on vacation in the beginning of it. Then there's this thing where almost everyone in my family have his/her birthday in February, so it was almost one birthday party every week. And since my dad turned 50 this year we had a rather big celebration for him. Apart from that, school's been busier than ever, and I've applied for jobs so I'll have one to do this summer.


Add all of those together and I've barely have had time to sleep (or at least so it feels). Sadly, reading hasn't been made a priority, and neither has being online on BL been. But, as it looks right now, things will settle down for March and I'll have more free time. 


Hope everyone had a good February, and happy reading ya'll!