Lies Unspoken by Lisa De Jong

Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love Book 1) - Lisa De Jong, Madison Seidler
'I can’t do this hot and cold bullshit. I moved here to make life less complicated, and you’ve turned it into a freaking Rubik’s cube.'

What if I said I can solve a Rubik's cube in under two minutes

It's been a week since I finished this book. Obviously, I haven't reviewed it yet, so from this point we can just pretend I know what to say in an eloquent way.

Lies Unspoken. New Adult. White girl move to new town to run away from her past. Meets broody white guy who is borderline stalker. Sounds familiar? It is. Lila is moving to Chicago after the "love of her life" left her the day of their wedding. Since her best friend is away studying in Europe, Lila is offered to live at her apartment for a while. On her first night there, Lila encounters her friend's brother, Blake. He's rude and frustrates Lila from the go. But, remember, he's hot. And not just a certain kind of hot.

Gorgeous, not in the magazine cover way, but the kind that makes you drool because there’s no way you can take him home to Mom on Christmas. He’s the type of guy a girl wants to be with for one night just to see how good it could be, to fuck away every bad sexual experience she’s ever had in her life.

People, you know what is coming.

Enter Blake. Blake, who had no idea his sister offered up their apartment for Lila to stay at. Of course, he is mad as hell, but since the new girl is good looking, why not make the best of it? Lila's first few days in Chicago, Blake follows her around. He goes to her job, demanding she walk home with him. He punches guys who are somewhat rude to Lila. Clearly, this is okay. Because a guy that broody must be carrying secrets to justify his behavior. Also, it's hot, right? A guy punching other guys before you even know him, that gotta be hot. At least Lila thinks so.

Soon enough, these two people strike up a friends with benefits kind of deal, no strings attached. Because Blake don't do emotions. Then again, Lila is offered insight to Blake's mood as they live together, and she can't help beginning to develop feelings for him, even though he treats her terribly at times. Remember, Blake has issues, so it is perfectly okay for him to behave any way he wants.

Blake did win me over to some extent. Ha, no, just kidding.Even after his "big secret" was revealed, nothing really made more sense. See, his past involves a former woman, and it didn't end too good. That explains his commitment issues, but it did certainly not explain his stalker-tendencies or why he treated Lila like crap at times. But Blake was just a minor issues. Really, I had one major problem with this story.

It’s why depressed people close themselves off; they’d rather not talk about any of it.

Yes... Lila. First off, that statement above is so offensive to me who has suffered through depression. People might had different experiences, but personally, I hated that quote. Hated that view on depression. Here's what depression was for me: I wanted to talk to someone. Hell, I'd tell anyone if I could. I would happily talk about my depression. The problem was that I did not know how to explain it. Couldn't give a reason for why I was depressed. I didn't understand it myself. It was a fucking black hole inside me that I couldn't explain what the hell it was. Had I known, I'd tell anyone just so they could help me get rid of it. So to say that depressed people close themselves of simply because they'd rather not talk about it, that is so offensive to me.

Moving on, because this was not my only issue with Lila. The thing is that she is such a white, privileged, unsympathetic girl. Yes, girl, because she's so immature. I get that she was pissed off, and hated her ex, but that hatred was so shortsighted. Derek, her ex, had reasons for breaking up, and I thought it was kinder of him to call it off instead of marrying the girl and end up resenting her. But Lila just can't let her hatred go. Then we have how she falls for Blake more or less day one (even if not specified in text, it really felt like that). She's jealous of other women that's with him after two days of living together. She constantly reminds the reader that Blake is bad for her, yet she continues to go after him and letting him use her as he pleases. She never demanded a thing of Blake. She never asked for explanations, didn't call him out on his stalker-tendencies.

This was another one of those, lust not love, and I am so over that entire thing. It wasn't exciting when I was twelve, and it still isn't. It never was.

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