The New Adult Project

So far in my project I've read 15 New Adult books. It's not a happy story so far, but I didn't exactly go into this with high hopes. I have realized that, as I work my way through these stories, there are several topics I want to discuss. I often include them in my reviews, such as sexism, certain plot devices, how authors tackle the tough issues they include in their stories, and more. However, I don't quite have the space to expand on these issues in reviews, but I feel that it's necessary to write about and analyze them. So I'll be doing a couple of posts on various issues within the New Adult genre as I go along. I have a few topics already I know I want to do posts on, and I imagine I'll observe more issues as I go along that I might write about as well.


So I'll be addressing a few of them in separate posts as I come across issues that I feel needs to be addressed outside of a review. I'm thinking I'll do a post or two each month. Given the number of topics I have right now, that would mean there will be at least one post a month until the beginning of summer. 


First post will be up later today.