Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett

Off Sides  - Sawyer Bennett
I can tell by looking at her she is not the type of girl that does one-night stands. Oh, she may think she's tough with her dyed hair and piercings, but looking at her you can tell she's more angel than devil. Too bad for me. And for her, too.

Yes, hello? I'm calling to say that Hollywood would like its overused plot back? Wrong number. Okay, I understand.

[iMC 1] feels trapped inside a world filled of politics, wealth, and shallowness, more known as the upperclass. [MC 1] dreams of finding his/her own path in life, a path his/her parents do not approve of. When [MC 1] stumbles into [MC 2], it's not only two people colliding. It's two different worlds. While [MC 1] drowns in wealth, [MC 2] lives on the wrong side of the track and works hard to support himself/herself due to [inser tragic past] leaving him/her alone. But as these two people find each other deep feelings emerge. Is their love strong enough to overcome their different backgrounds?

Does this sound familiar? It should. Hollywood has made a fortune making these movies, and I could probably name ten off the top of my head. It does in no way mean Off Sides is a bad book, or even a bad story. What it is is boring. It's overused to the extreme, and Off Sides offers no new angle on the matter. Due to its length it also has little space to actually deal with these issues in a deeper sense. The characters have no chance to become fleshed, ending up without any further depth.

Is it bad? Not in particularly. It's a easy read with little angst (unlike some other NA stories). It's only overdone, and has been done better. It's predictable, but sweet. So, really, it's just a matter of lack of originality. Had I read this without seeing all those Hollywood movies, I'd enjoyed it more.

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