After Math by Denise Grover Swank

After Math - Denise Grover Swank

Quick review for a quick read

After Math suffers from not showing, only telling.

Everything is told and basically nothing is shown.

We have a heroine who has social anxiety, but is "cured" when she's with hot boy. We have hot boy who is a "manwhore" but not a single time is the reader shown an instance where he could be considered this. There is barely a plot. We have a secret that is revealed and fixed in the last chapters. We have a constant back and forth with the hero. We have a hero whose vocabulary exists of "I'm fucked up", "You deserve better than me", and "I'm seriously fucked up". We have a heroine who finds safety in numbers and logic, but throws every ounce of that out the moment she meets hot boy. We have a plot littered with plotholes questions unanswered.

And we have a heroine majoring in mathematics and doesn't make a single math joke. A big disappointment.

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