Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley

Music of the Heart - Katie Ashley
How was it possible for a smokin’ hot girl like the one before us to be a…virgin?

And now it's time for the replay of Amanda Says reviewing New Adult.

I know, I know. This is starting to get ridiculous. It's the same story over and over again. It's new adult so you guys know what this will be about. For the sake of it, I'll keep it short.

Our heroine Abby accidentaly ends up on the wrong tourbus when searching for her brother's band's bus, ending up on Runaway Trains' bus where she stumbles into Jake's bed. After the misunderstanding is settled, Abby and Jake strikes a bet: she won't be able to tolerate living on their tourbus for a week. Needless to say, these two people who didn't like each other at first fall in love after about thirty-six hours. Jake is a "manwhore", Abby is the naïve virgin. She is too good for him, according to him. He is everything she wants, according to her. Same old story.

There's the usual Madonna/whore complex. Abby is too hot to be a virgin. Jake makes an 180 with his sexual habits. All guys are full on alpha-males. Abby is so special, so different from all the other women. Really, I don't even have the energy for this. I mean, even the plot was threadbare this time. They bet she can't stand living with them for a week due to their behavior. Yet, she makes all kinds of demands of how the guys are supposed to act when she's around, technically changing the entire bet. The bet was she couldn't stand their behavior and live with them, so let's demand they don't act that way? Seriously, I don't even.

Abby was somewhat different from all the other heroines, because she's a bit feisty, but she doesn't have much of a personality. And she's such a snowflake. And if I have to hear one more time how her parents were missionaries or how she grew up with three brothers my eyes will roll out of their sockets. Or how she's the next Adele and wants to be a nurse and can do this and that and everything else. And if Jake shows any redeemable trait I'll faint from shock. i just. Is it that hard giving characters personalities in this genre? Why don't just shove a cardboard box in my face instead? That'd be more interesting.

Sorry, but I just don't have the energy to care about characters that I'm only told of how they are rather than show me who they are. It's been a long time since I bought anything when it comes to plot. (Seriously, a random woman is allowed to join the tourbus of a famous band? No manager commenting on it? Or changing the setlist for a concert, still no agent or manager in sight? Recording a duet with said woman out of random, still no manager, agent, or any other people that are in charge?)

I promised to keep it short, so that's it. Could've been worse, could've been much better.

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