Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines

Twisted Perfection - Abbi Glines
I was silly to think hot sex was the answer to my problems.

And I was a fucking idiot to believe this book would be any different from the other (awful) New Adult novels I've read lately.

I have now read 5 of Glines' books, and I'm having a hard time separating them from each other. They all seem to be about one rich kid/bad boy and a virginal (or otherwise described as innocent) heroine who is so traumatized because of reasons (actually real reasons, but trivialized). Plot is something overrated, meaning there is close to none. Add in some reason for the people to not be together and you have your book. Don't forget that all other women that aren't already a friend of the heroine is only after sex and are devoid of emotions. Twisted Perfection wasn't much different, and on a good day I might just have given this a two. Except. There's this one tiny detail.

Girls that looked like her were not virgins at her age. She was meant to be fucked.

Yeah... this is an actual quote. I mentioned all women apart from the heroine and her group of friend are slutty and only after sex. Well, this quote is not about some random woman. This is a quote taken straight from the supposedly hero, and his thoughts on our heroine.

Let that thought sink in for a minute. Done? Because there is more.

If I married her I was getting her a boob job.

Our hero Woods also considers it his right to demand his future wife to change her looks. Because her current look isn't pleasing him enough. He's not speaking of the heroine but the woman his parents are forcing him to marry. Because obviously he can do whatever to her. Her emotions aren't worth considering. Wonderful hero. Just fucking wonderful.

Still, there's more.

I’d thought I was her first until I’d actually slept with a virgin and I realized Angelina had been lying. I might have been a virgin that year but she sure hadn’t been. It had jaded my view of the pretty blonde.

There's so much wrong with this I don't know where to start. I'll keep it simple by saying that even if she wasn't a virgin, that should in no way alter his view on her (unless he is an absolute asshole) except that she did not what him to know about her previous experience, which was her own decision.

Basically, the hero Woods ruined this entire book. He's going straight to the list of most awful heroes in literature. Yes, he's one in the top even when I consider all genres. His overbearing parents that are forcing him to marry a woman for status doesn't justify his behavior. He wasn't this much of an asshole in Fallen Too Far where he was a character, and I almost, just almost, thought he was a decent character there. Too bad his thoughts is some of the most misogynic I've read lately.

But, as I said, this is a book with a traumatized heroine, so what about her? To be honest, she isn't much different from the other traumatized heroines in this genre. Insecure about herself, running from her past, inexperienced when it comes to sex, when suddenly, hot guy aka Woods appears and rocks her world. What our heroine, Della is her name, is running from is her past, more precisely her living with her mentally ill mother. Now, Della is afraid she might have the illness, or might get it later in life. Understandable. Then again, who actually needs help to become healthy?

It had taken two solid years of counseling to get me to speak to strangers. Now I did it often. Braden really had more to do with that than the psychologist I’d been forced to see weekly. She’d pushed me out into the world and taught me how to live.

Get me right here, I've had my fair share of interaction with psychologists due to different reasons. And I know the value of friendship as well when going through hard patches in life. But I would never, ever, say that my friends were more important than the psychologists. That would be a plain lie. Psychologists do hard work. They do work friends are not equivalent to. As far as Twisted Perfection goes it makes it seem the psychologist/counseling played no part in helping Della. Not even when she has panic attacks do someone consider getting her help. Not even when she blacks out from anxiety. That is simply wrong. And it's an unhealthy message to send to the reader. Mental illness such as depression, anxiety and other are not easy matters to deal with. They are not treated through sex. Not through love. It takes time, and professional help.

Actually, not even on a good day would I give this two stars. So one star it is.

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