Reading progress update: I've read 2%.

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen

I stop on the line of the grass and turn to meet his eyes. “I did what anyone else would have done.”

The eyebrow above his good eye dips down. “No, you didn’t.

All right. 2% in and we have this: Callie walking in on Kayden's dad beating him bloody. Callie steps in, saying someone's looking for Mr. Owens. And so, Mr. Owens leaves. Then this particular conversation above takes place. And then.

"You did what almost no one would have done."

Okay, a short background on Callie and Kayden's relationship (described by Callie). They've gone to school together since they were in kindergarten. They don't speak, don't act like they know each other. But, maybe that's not so important.


The thing is that many people would interfere when witnessing abuse. Sadly, maybe not when witnessing it on a random street and during the night, but at someone's house where you (sort of) know the person? Yes. People would interfere. I've seen it myself and know friends who have been in this situation. So, really, the only thing this scene (despite its grave topic) manages to do is remind me how hard New Adult books try to manipulate me into believing the heroine is better than everyone else in the world, when that is not really the case. (She might be a wonderful person, I'm not far enough in to determine that.) But I'm not into being manipulated, especially not when my last New Adult adventure (Fallen too Far) tried to manipulate me the same way by shaming every woman in the book except the heroine. You want me to care for a character? Make it a likable character without manipulating me.


Rant over.