Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Fallen Too Far - Abbi Glines

I'm afraid to say that if this is the kind of book topping the sales list, then literature is indeed going to hell.

Not only is New Adult as a genre littered with the same tropes and harmful behavior (on so many parts), but Fallen Too Far might be, to date, the worst of them all. It has everything that is wrong with this particular genre: lust mistaken (or romanticized) as love, a hero of highest level in douchebaggery, a heroine that follow every whim of said hero, the typical madonna/whore identification of women where all women not the heroine is presented as a whore, and a fucking complete lack of actual plotline.

I apologize beforehand for my language, but I will not be able to get through this review without explicit language. Now, the plot, let's start there because it is the easiest. Stupidest I've read in a long time. In fact, there is none. The heroine (whose name I've forgotten ten times by now, but will look up for the sake of this review) Blaire is driving to live with her father after her mother dies in cancer. Left with a rusty truck and twenty dollars, she don't have much choice to find the dad she haven't spoken to in a long time. What she finds is a house with a party. It appears her father and his new wife is on vacation in Paris, and so Blaire is left with her new stepbrother Rush, who decides she can stay for a month in the bedroom under the stairs. What follows is Blaire, for no reason except her obvious lust to Rush, starts up an interest in her stepbrother even when he treats her (and other women) like crap and objects. Of course, he has his own issues, so it is not called for. Except for Blaire's constant fanning over Rush's hotness, there is no plot. There is also absolutely no reason for these two characters to fall for each other. But they do. Of course they fucking do, because Blaire is innocent, and too good for Rush, and some other crap he says that made me want to puke. And Blaire, despite being treated like crap, forgives Rush the second he shows one ounce of goodness, forgetting how he treated her before.

*Deep breath*

So, without a plot, are the characters enough to keep this book floating? No. Before going deeper on the main characters it is necessary to mention how every other character is presented. The guys are all the same typical alpha males leering over women. I swear the cardboard boxes in my closet has more depth than these people. While the guys are raised to the sky for their exploitation of women, all women in the book is either sex-crazed or bitches. Except the heroine. Of course the heroine is the fucking new mother Theresa (except for her fanning over Rush every second he's in the same room, or in her thoughts). I fucking hate it how authors of (mostly) new adult feel the need to degrade women to objects that are 1) there to make the heroine look good, and 2) sex obsessed.

Anyway, now that that's out of my system. Blaire. Blaire. Who I could almost like in the beginning for standing up for herself and being sort of badass with a gun. Why did she have to fall under Rush's spell even if he's a douche? She's the typical virginal and innocent heroine with a rough past. In the beginning, she wants to stand up for herself and is used to saving herself. So why, oh why, does she suddenly loose any backbone she had to become a mindless zombie and hypocrite? One minute she is chastising women for sleeping with Rush, the next she's drooling all over him. Too be honest, in the end, I felt sorry for her for letting Rush suck out any personality and dignity she had in her.

And Rush. Oh, bloody idiot, Rush. Isn't a hero who is: aggressive, rapey, overconfident, dominant, and views women as objects what every women looks for? Yes, there is one instance where he tries to rape Blaire. Actually, I must say, the heroes in New Adult seem to be there for convenience. They sure aren't given any fleshed out personalities. He's your typical alpha male (not attractive alpha male for that part, only the creepy variant). Demanding Blaire around, uses her as well, and decides what's good for her, forgetting she can make choices on her own. Sounds wonderful, right? Not really.

*more deep breaths*

All right. So characters that suck, a non-existing plot, slutshaming. What else is there? How about the wonderful piece where Rush demands Blaire telling him her pussy "belongs to him". Or the adorable advise to Blaire on her workplace to "slut it up" to get more tips, because all men are horny dogs without a brain. Maybe the stereotypical portrayal of gay people and women that are sexually active. No? Perhaps the interesting plot twist with enough family drama to make the Kardashians look like a healthy family. No. I just no. Even thinking about this book makes me want to rip my eyes out. Showers will be needed to erase the filth I feel on my skin after reading this. Honestly, what people see in this book is beyond me. So far fucking beyond my mental capability. I give up. And that's it.

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