Battlescars by Sophie Monroe

Battlescars: A Rock & Roll Romance - Sophie Monroe
'Funny enough, I actually hated him when we met. Then he finally convinced me to date him. A month later he proposed and here we are a month later getting ready to get married.'

Oops, sorry for the spoiler, but did you seriously see this going any other way?

Many people seem to love these rockstar meets random girl and fall in love stories. They're all over the place in the New Adult genre. While I've read several of them I still can't see what the fuss is about, and Battlescars sure did not make me change my opinion. I'll give it props for having a heroine that isn't blushing at every turn and who wants to stand up for herself. It doesn't change that's she's a horrible person, but still, props to that!

Battlescars is ultimately the story of Jake and Aubrey, the former being a rockstar and the latter being a woman who happens to catch Jake's eye. They first meet when Jake hires a private airplane from Aubrey's father's company where Aubrey works as a stewardess. And so their story begins with Jake hitting on her on a plane and Aubrey telling him to leave her alone, because, you know, she has issues from her past. But as Aubrey follows Jake on his tour they grow closer and their pasts are shared until they can't reject the connection they share.

Except.. well, everything. Not a new thing in New Adult, but the writing is this book's downfall. It's choppy, disjointed, and in dire need of an editor.

Derek came to tell him it was time to go on stage. I reluctantly climbed off his lap and watched him take the stage. After the show, it was more of the usual. They did an interview and signed some autographs. I started not feeling well again. I brushed it off. I grabbed a bottle of water and sat down. I saw Jake look at me concerned. I smiled and waved. I hoped he wouldn’t pick up on anything. As soon as he finished up we headed back to the hotel. He ordered some snacks, but I still wasn’t feeling much like eating.

I dare you to say this passage was pleasant to read and didn't make you want to rip your eyeballs out. It's this choppy writing that fails to induce a sliver of emotion in the reader. Neither does it give the characters a fair chance. The characters becomes flat and emotionless even when they specifically explain their own emotions (which they do often without seeming emotional).

Anyway, back to the characters. Let's just say it. Aubrey's horrible, and even when considering her past relation to abuse, I still dislike her. She's judgemental and mean – yet expects people to be nice to her. Throughout the story she alters between being feisty and Jake's humble admirer. With her past her aversion to touch is understandable, but she lacked in character development big time. Besides that, she's especially judgemental toward other women.

I’m a size six, because unlike most skinny bitches I want to eat things other than salads.

I saw Blake making out with some skanky blonde girl.

'Salads are for skinny bitches and people with health problems. I’m neither.'

Jake, on the other hand, was just confusing. No consistency in his character at all. But since he really did nothing but piss me off with his treatment toward women that weren't Aubrey, I refuse to waste time on his character. Actually, now when I'm finally finished with this book, I won't waste any more time than this. That's it for me, I'm out!

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