Out of Line by Jen McLaughlin

Out of Line - Jen McLaughlin, Diane Alberts

Out of Line, a story with clichés and writing that gave the book potential that fell short

Let's break it down, shall we?


Cliché #1:

It was too late to tell him that the guys were perfectly normal. I was broken—not them.

Heroine considers herself broken.


Cliché #2:

A shot of electricity skittered up my arm, making me jump slightly.
What the heck had that been?

Forced chemistry between the two main characters is forced.



Cliché #3:

I was a virgin, but I’d read about sex enough times to recognize the sensation.

Heroine is a virgin.




Cliché #4:

I couldn’t imagine a girl that looked like her still being a virgin…

Heroine is too hot to realistically be a virgin. Heroine is the hottest girl in town.



Cliché #5, #6:

'You aren’t ready for what you’re starting, Ginger.'

Nicknames, and this line alone (yes, I consider this a trope because there's always a guy claiming the girl isn't ready for sex and what she's starting)



Cliché #7:

'Nice,' he muttered. 'That’s a word for a puppy, not a man. Nice won’t make you scream out in bed.'

Men is not nice. Men is overly manly. Hello stereotype.



Cliché #8:

'All right.' He gave me a hard look. 'Don’t leave this building without me. Not even for air.'

Hero is overprotective. Borderline creepy.




Cliché #9:

A guy who stood at least six feet tall and had muscles that I thought only existed in the romance books I read.
He had to be a couple years older than me, maybe a senior, and he had on a pair of cargo shorts and nothing else. Hot damn, he obviously worked out. A lot. He had short, curly brown hair, and he looked harmless enough. But those muscles…

Hero is hotter than humanly possible.


Okay, I think that's the gist of it. The plot, well, what little plot there was, was somewhat original with the heroine falling in love with her secret body guard. The writing in itself was way above average (finally some well-written New Adult). Really, the writing saved this one. It will have to be 2.5 stars though, because the clichés made it less entertaining. So, props for the great writing, not so much for the clichés.