Tropes in New Adult Fiction

This year I've been thinking about doing a little experiment. Okay, it might become pretty big if I read many New Adult books, but anyway. Lately, most of the NA books I've read seems to follow the same formula, and contain specific tropes (at least if it's a romance, which most of them are). But there's also another thing that seem to be a pattern as well, and that is that in most of the stories the couple break up, one or more times throughout the story, and it is often because of the male character making an error of some sort. So, for this year, I was thinking I'd do an experiment.


What I'll be doing is this: make a list of the tropes in the New Adult genre and check off how many of them appear in each New Adult book I read. But also, in case of a break-up, who is the "responsible" character, alas who is the one causing the break-up.


I've started a list of tropes, but I would be so grateful if you guys know more/other tropes that I've missed. So far the list looks like this:


1. Female main character is a virgin (but excessively good-looking) also studious, not really a party girl.


2. Reformed man-whore (excessively good-looking).


3. Wealthy male character.


4. Former cheating partner.


5. Abusive past.


6. Shattered family life (alcoholism, mental illness, terrible parents etc.).


7. Nicknames.


8. Slut shaming.


9. "Slutty" friend/gay friend.


10. Instalove.


11. Damsel in distress (male character saves female character in some sort of way, often sexual harassment/abuse).


12. Male character insists female character is ”not ready for sex” or ”deserves better than him”.


Do you guys know any other tropes/stereotypes that are often portrayed in the New Adult genre? It can be both in regards to the characters, plot, or the writing.