DNF: Tracks by Sarah Biermann

Tracks - Sarah Biermann

DNF at 31%

I just can do this anymore. The writing is terrible.

His bedroom blue eyes burn into me.

The story is, until this point, highly implausible. Rockstar noticing one girl in the front row in a sea of thousands? Yeah, not fucking likely. That they both sort of fall in love lust when their eyes meet? That backstage security lets two random girls stroll about as they like at one of the most anticipated concerts that year? That girls who giggle every second are in their twenties? That said two girls acting like fifteen years olds are getting into Harvard Law? Please. None of the characters so far are likable. I can't even recall what the heroine's name is, and I think the hero's name is Jeremy. Okay, really, the story is just too far fetched and the writing awful. That's it. I'm leaving this, it's simply not wroth the time.