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Who He Is - Shanora Williams

Okay, this one is pissing me off. Let's take a few examples:

Too bad I started looking nicer after Gage graduated. Maybe he would’ve noticed me in school.

Two seconds ago Eliza was complaining about Gage's way of treating women by sleeping with them one day, ignoring them the next. Yet, this quote suggests she wanted to be with him.


Gage seemed to have that kind of power over girls. He was the lead singer of a popular band, for heaven’s sake. He was probably right about him being every girl’s dream because sometimes he appeared in mine.

Being the lead singer in a band doesn't automatically make you the fantasy of every girl's dream. Seriously, not even the guys in all boybands throughout history managed with that.



The writing is terrible.

The nightmare I had wasn’t pleasant.

When was the last time you had a pleasant nightmare?


His cologne filled my lungs and was even more alluring than before.

Imagine that, drowning by cologne filling your lungs. 


His body glued to my backside was only enticing me to bury my hips deeper against his groin, causing him to growl pleasantly.

How do one growl pleasantly? I'm actually curious.


And then this:

[My father] was a bit more emotional than the normal male (for obvious reasons), but he was also about business.

"Obvious reasons" being he's gay. Seriously, what is this shit? No, him being gay doesn't automatically make him more emotional than the "normal male". Yes, this is a stereotype, but it doesn't mean every gay man is more emotional, neither that every normal male is a fucking piece of stone.



These lyrics being described as "heart aching, incredible":

You promised me You’d let it all go.

You swore to put me first, But all I got was your worst.

So where the hell are you?

What the hell are we?

I needed you with me, But you continuously destroyed me.

You promised meeee…so much.



Eliza acting as if Gage owes her something. Like she has a right to claim him. As if him touching another girl is an insult to her:

Penelope was his girlfriend, but why the hell did he have to come back to the bus with her?