Winter Wonderland

So, until Christmas there's been no snow where I live in Sweden. Then, on Christmas Eve, the snow finally came. Unfortunately it wasn't much snow and it barely covered the ground. I love snow so I was happy for the little that fell down and figured that'd be the only snow we'd have this year. (The last year's been weird, really. One year we had snow falling almost every day for two months, at least it felt like that, and the next year we had about one inch snow for one week.) Before I went to bed last night there was no snow on the ground and it's been fairly warm the past weeks, around 6 degrees Celsius (40-50 Fahrenheit). Imagine my surprise when I woke up to this: 



Several inches deep snow and freezing cold! The child in me couldn't be more happy right now. Okay, me right now couldn't be happier than I am right now. It might be cold, but I really love winter and snow. It's simply beautiful.