The Best of 2014 (and some more)



I must say that 2014 in reading has been a good year. I've found several new favorites, as shown above. My reading goal was set at 100 books, but until now I've read 189. Really, it's been a good year and I managed to read a lot more than I initially thought possible. It's also fun to see the best books, for me, in 2014 have come from different genres. Young adult, classics, non-fiction, historical, science-fiction, and more. While I often complain about New Adult as a genre, I'm happy to say one of my top 10 reads in 2014 is from this particular genre (The Art of Love).  I won't go into detail what each book is about, I'll just say that they're all worth reading, and I strongly recommend all of them.


On a different note, I know I haven't been updating and reviewing as much the past weeks, but I've been busy with finals in school and preparing for Christmas and New Year's. And, as an early Christmas present, I got my driver's license just yesterday (YAY!). Anyway, I'll be spending Christmas with my family and might not have time to check in here on BookLikes so often (but I hope I'll be able to check in a couple of times, maybe review some).


So, if I don't have the time to say it later: I hope you've all had a great year both in reading and outside of reading (as if there's such a thing), and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ya'll.