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Juilliard or Else - Nichele Reese



So this happens: Abigail and lover boy (Tucker) are getting it on, hot and heavy. Then Abigail says, very clearly: "I want you, Tucker. I want you so much." But then, suddenly, Tucker pulls back and:

I grabbed his arm. "Wait, what's wrong?"

His eyes weren't sad, but filled with something else – regret maybe? "Not yet, Gabs, I respect you way too much to do that to you."

Of course being a girl, the only thing I heard out of that was that he didn't want me.

"You don't want me?" I felt like crying.

"No, trust me, I do. I very much want to get inside you like nothing else, but…" He picked up my hand and kissed it. "I just don't want to pressure you is all."

1. The "of course being a girl" thing. No, not every girl/woman would immediately jump to the conclusion the he doesn't want her. So that short statement, is, at least to some extent, sort of offensive. (At least to me.)


2. HOW IS TUCKER BEING RESPECTFUL BY DENYING ABIGAIL SOMETHING SHE CLEARLY STATES SHE WANTS? There is no pressuring involved here; Abigail is the one suggesting they should go further. Basically what he's saying is that it's not her place to decide, because he knows best when she's ready. Or that having sex with her at this point would somehow lessen her worth. And, yes, this is in fact offensive.