What Wendy Wants by Nikki Sex

What Wendy Wants - Nikki Sex

What Wendy Wants or What Nikki Sex Wants to Sell, that's the question.

This will be a quick review for a quick read. What Wendy Wants is a short story about a married couple, Wendy and Frank, where Wendy has grown bored with their sex life. One day when Frank is hurrying to work he accidentally snatches his wife's Kindle instead of his own. And what does his dear wife have on it? Well, smut. Kinky smut, to be precise. He soon realizes his wife's been wanting more from their sex life than he's been able to give her. So, naturally, he begin researching BDSM, planning to surprise his wife.

Okay, to be honest there's nothing wrong with the story. It's short, it's somewhat erotic, and that's it. I mean, there's only so much you can put in a short story. I didn't particularly like Wendy with how she thinks of her sons at times, but she's not awful. Frank was nothing special either.

So what's up with my opening line? Well, more or less all of the books and quotes Frank reads on his wife's Kindle is titles by Nikki Sex. At times there's several paragraphs taken straight out of her other work, making this read more like an ad to read other books by her. It's putting me off, really. Because without it this would've seemed like a normal story, but when an author begins placing her own work in her/his other books, that's just... wrong. I mean, if the author hints toward her/his other work, that's okay. But quoting herself/himself in his work? Yeah, no. Without this advertising the book would have received a higher rating, that's for sure.