Finally! I've finished cleaning out my shelves now. Why I ever added some of these books is beyond me, but now they're gone or on a more appropriate shelf. Here's how it all ended up:


"to-read-1001-books" - 548    

I didn't remove or add any to this list. In fact, I'm not done adding books to it yet.


"to-read-adult" - 209

Before: 294


"to-read-classic" - 33

No adds or removals here either.


"to-read-fantasy" - 176

Before: 323


"to-read-historical" - 49

Before: 65


"to-read-new-adult" - 128

Before: 310


"to-read-non-fiction" - 81

Added this shelf while doing this; these books were shifted to here from previously existing shelves.


"to-read-science-fiction" - 82

Before: 137


"to-read-young-adult" - 330

Before: 489


I added two new shelves as well: reviews-says-no for those books friends/trusted reviewers had reviewed and that let me know the book is not for me. The other was waiting for reviews for a few books I'm hesitant to read and will wait for friends to read and I'll see what they thought of it. 


I also have won't bother and we are never getting together. The first is for books I've lost interest in, and the second is for books I wouldn't touch even with a stick (either due to its content or to badly behaving authors). Let's just say these two shelves expanded a great deal. 


All in all, I think I removed around 500 books. At least I can't say it wasn't productive. Perhaps I have a slight chance of finishing my lists some day. Or they will grow whenever I see a pretty cover. We'll see.