Him by Carey Heywood

Him - Carey Heywood

This is the story of Sarah, a woman who believes it's smart to stay away from her beloved family for seven years because her high school romance hit a bump. It's also about Will and his bleeding lip. When these two lovebirds are reunited because of Sarah's brother's wedding you're drowned in flashbacks and you will never forget Sarah and Will met in English class or the fact that Sarah loves to press a fucking button in a car.

Okay, let's make that more coherent, shall we? The story really is about Sarah and Will. These two did date in high school despite Will coming from the good side of town and Sarah being the awfully plain girl in high school. Sarah's been in love with Will more or less since the day they met in English class (which the author points out in all of the first six chapters or so). After Will comes to the conclusion he has feelings for his best friend aka Sarah, he dumps his current girlfriend Jessica, and then spend the rest of high school together with Sarah. However, something happens at the end of the year that causes Sarah to run off to live with relatives, and so begins her long stay away from home (seven years). When Sarah's brother is getting married she is required to come back home and attend. And who shows up if not Will, and all her memories returns and she must face him.

It's not that Him is a bad book per se, but it's painfully boring. It has all the clichés for this type of romance. That in itself isn't bad either, but it makes for boring reading. It had its good moments that made me smile and I did to some extent sympathize with the characters. Sarah is a hardworking woman, someone I can easily connect to. No, there's an obvious reason why this book fails to deliver. It's the writing. There's close to no variation in sentence structure at times, each sentence beginning with a personal pronoun. It makes for choppy writing. It's very much "I did this", "he did that", "it did so". Writing like this gets old, and also it made it hard to get any depth to the characters. I still feel like the only thing I know about Will is that he chews his lip/mouth all the time. I'm not even kidding, I believe he does this over 40 times within the book. So apart for choppy writing it was also reptetive. (Such as with them meeting in English class, or the Sarah's obsession with pressing the button for the button for the roof window of Will's car.) Anyway, what I mean is that this writing did not manage to create any type of atmosphere or convey emotions. I can take clichés, but they must evoke emotions, and frankly, this story woke no emotion whatsoever in me.

Him is a nice read if you're looking for something fluffy and not too deep. It's a breezy read full of clichés, for better or worse. There are many plot holes and the reason behind Sarah's running away could've been dealt with before she ran away. (She runs away making several conclusions on her own without thinking or talking through them with people she should've.) So I don't know what to say really. Him is not terrible, but it's nothing spectacular either. If anything, it's dull. Maybe this will appeal more to others, it just didn't work for me.