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Playing Patience - Tabatha Vargo

Two things.

First: Patience – yes that's her name – I plain dumb. I think she's seventeen/eighteen, at least I think she's in high school. Anyway, what kind of high schooler don't knows you're not supposed to accept drinks from strangers? A sheltered on, perhaps, but Patience knows this since she's seen it on television shows. So far she's not making a great example of having some sense.


Second: This story is told in shifting POV. Patience and Zeke's. What's annoying is that the scenes are the same. I mean, the first chapter show us a little bit about Zeke's home life, and then we move on to his gig in The Pit. Here he finds Patience where she's sitting drugged in a corner, and he stars asking her about what happened and so. Then the next chapter is from Patience's POV, beginning with showing us her terrible situation at home and then when she's in The Pit. The last part of the chapter is exactly the same scene from Zeke's POV, except from Patience's POV.


Now, this bothers me. The author shouldn't need to repeat this part. Frankly it managed to do nothing else than making Patience appear even dumber. Really, the whole chapter made me think that the author felt she needed to explain Patience's home life rather than exploring it later, without all the telling, in the book. To be blunt: poor storytelling.