Moving Forward by Erika Ashby

Moving Forward  - Erika Ashby

Warning: Big fucking rant coming up. You liked this book? You won't like this review. Read at your own risk.

What did I just read? This is the worst crap I've read all year. This and Taint will be in the top for my worst reads of 2014. I am appalled by this. Okay, appalled. I'm a big fan of the expression if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything. Despite what it might appear, I think is a great expression, but sometimes I can't fucking just stand back when shit is BAD. Because, quite honestly, this isn't just bad. This is offensive and unhealthy. I do not want people to read books like this, and I will explain why.

Moving On is the story of Jesika and Derek. Both of them are single parents. Jesika's husband (Jake) died in a car accident and Derek's girlfriend (Victoria) up and left after she had their child. I'm going to spoil here, but I don't care. Apparently Jake cheated on Jesika with Victoria. Victoria got pregnant with Jake's child. Victoria has always had a drug problem, and she's an addict. So she left after having Derek's child due to her addiction. That's more or less the basic. A year after Jesika's husband dies, she meets Derek. Long story short, they're convinced their lust for each other is love and they get together. (Not to mention how shitty they are and more or less never give their children a second thought. For example they decide to let the kids meet each other after Jes and Derek have been seeing each other for, like, a week. Even I know better than that. Say the kids get along perfectly and become best friends after that first meeting. And then, opps, two weeks later Jes and Derek decide to not see each other. How will this affect their kids? This didn't happen, but the thought should've crossed Jes and Derek's minds.)

Okay, the problem isn't really how shitty parents they are or how stupid this story is. The fucking problem is what a twisted view of women are presented. Excuse me if this next part is incomprehensible, because I can barely write this because my fingers are shaking so bad from all the rage (not to mention my mind that's even more furious)

The problem is with Jes, in particular, and the others who are Jes's friends. Let's take a look on what's wrong with holier-than-thou Jes. Her look upon women she's never met before:

Of course chicks are trying to stop Derek left and right the whole way to our secluded as can be table. The more and more it happens I want to start to laugh at their lame attempts at distracting him. These women have no shame. I mean he is already walking with another woman in tote, and it doesn’t even faze them.

So Derek's a musician (drummer) in a band. They've just played on stage. Naturally, these women must be living for no other reason than to seduce him, right? It's not like they could want to express how much they liked the show/music. Because, apparently, women are all fucking gold-diggers who can't respect another person's relationship. Screw that. Fuck that. Jes can take her attitude and get the hell out. 

Let's move on. When a strange car drives up to Jes's house she then see a stranger come up to the house, and this is a woman. Jes does not know this woman, has never met her before or heard of her. She has no idea who this is. 

Not really sure what this tramp is trying to sell on my front porch, but I’m not buying any of it. I’m sure whatever it is, it should come with an STD vaccination. Hell, I’m almost scared to get within touching distance; five foot rule. She’s definitely one of those chicks you’re scared you’ll get hepatitis from just by looking at. I mean she’s very attractive, but dressed extremely suggestive. She definitely gets around and isn’t ashamed to show it—she’s skanky and she knows it.

Please take a moment to comprehend that. I certainly needed to. I've never wanted to slap a character so bad before, male or female (and I've read my fair share of abusive assholes). Jes knows nothing about this person, but she already labels her a 'skank'. I really think that says more about Jes than about this woman.

This woman, as it turns out, is Victoria. You know, Derek's ex. So does Jes view change any after she learns of this?

That is what Skanktoria had told me.


Women like her should be fixed as soon as they spread their legs.

Did you all read that? Fixed. I need to talk about this for a minute or two. Here's the thing. Yes, Victoria doing drugs while pregnant and bailing on Derek once the child arrived wasn't a honorable thing to do. I am not supporting her decisions in that in the slightest. Now, what Jes is referring to in that last quote is the fact that Victoria has sex with men to get drugs. Somehow this makes Victoria the person a skank/whore/Skankzilla or whatever other degrading word Jes finds acceptable. Here's the thing. Victoria the person and Victoria the drug addict are two separate persons. I am not supporting drugs either, but the fact stands that people take them, get addicted, and do anything to get another hit. But this does not make it acceptable for Jes to behave this way. I will never consider a man/woman who trades sexual favors for a new hit a whore or skank. They are doing it out of desperation, not because that's who they are as a person. They should not be 'fixed' due to their addiction. Addiction isn't something you can control without help. But it never crosse Jes's or Derek's minds to help Victoria seek professional help for her addiction. No, they are fucking relieved when she overdoses and dies.

Seriously, what kind of view of humans and view of women is this? And it's not just Victoria. It's every single woman that isn't a part of Jes's circle. The women looking at Derek are hussies or skanks. They aren't people to her, they're worth less than that. They're not worth the time of the day. And then there's an incident with Jes's best friend Mallory. A woman at Mallory's work does something to put Mallory in bad light. So this woman is a hussy. Never mind that had this woman been a man, no one would've batted an eye (which is another problem, but not completely relevant to this). I'm wondering how Jes got a friends in the first place. Of course Jes and Mallory are the only 'normal' women around. They're perfect and fucking holier than thou and can do no wrong but every other woman does.

Fuck that. Fuck Jes and fuck this misogyny. This kind of perspective on human beings are unhealthy and I wouldn't want a single person reading this kind of crap and believe this is how it should be, both the view on women and the difference between addiction and bad behavior. Fuck this book. Fuck Jes. Fuck this piece of crap. So yes, fuck that. I'm out.

(My review reflects my opinion of this book and not in any way the author or anyone reading the book.)